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How To Write A Song: A Starter Guide

How To Write A Song: A Starter Guide

Being a songwriter is considered as one of the most promising careers today. There’s no wonder why the number of people wanting to learn how to write a song is continuously increasing over the years. Aside from the fame that awaits famed songwriters, this is also one of those careers where one can do what they love and earn big money at the same time.

Since time immemorial, music has become an important part of human society. From then on, music has played an important role in honing civilization. Back then, there’s really no formal training that people undergo before they can call themselves full-fledged songwriters. For as long as one know a melody and put words in it, it’s good to go.

But today, the case is no longer exactly as it used to be in the past. Although today, one can still become a successful songwriter even without having to undergo a formal training in songwriting, but with how the competition works these days, an aspiring songwriter should have attractive credentials to back his or her portfolio.

One of the most common ways in increasing your likelihood of getting into the music world is to get a formal education in composing or songwriting. Backing your innate interest in music and skills with documents and formal training is a good combo to stay ahead of the competition. Since thousands of potential candidates may possess the same passion to music as yours, you need something that will separate you from these competitors.

Learn from the experts

protegeeLearning how to write a song from the experts themselves is a big plus point for your application. Doing this will not only teach you literally how to write a song, this will also teach you the ins and outs of the music industry. A music experts doesn’t have to be the likes of Beethoven or Mozart. You start looking around your city if there are successful songwriters are based there.

Be their protégée

Applying as a songwriter’s protégée or apprentice is another of learning from the experts who have personal knowledge about songwriter. They will also teach how to become a successful songwriter and where to start and how to get your career started.

Build a network

networkOne of the benefits of studying under the mentorship of experts themselves is the opportunity to build your network. While you are working for that established songwriter, this is a good opportunity to get to know people within the industry who might help you in the future. But you have to do this naturally. You can do this by going where your boss goes, of course if he or she lets or asked you. Don’t impose.

The continued growing interest on songwriting means need for reliable source of information about songwriting and all the facets that an interested songwriter should know about before jumping into this endeavor. Since this isn’t an easy endeavor to venture, the student songwriter should be aware of all the things about being a successful composer and the industry that he or she is about to enter.

Being a songwriter is not-a-walk-in-the-park

songwritingVirtually all careers are not easy. Just like becoming a bank teller, you will experience hardships along your way. You should be steadfast and be firm to shrug-off these tribulations and make these as your inspiration to excel in whatever is that you’re doing.

Being a songwriter can be glamorous but that’s the end process that people are seeing. They didn’t know what are the sacrifices those people have made in order to arrive at that point. If you’re determined to become a successful songwriter, let that determination guide you to become one.

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How To Make A Song That Inspires People

How To Make A Song That Inspires People

Knowing how to make a song is something that many people aspire to achieve. On top of the perks that songwriters get from their job, the feeling doing what you love and making it as a way of living is very attractive to many people.

In today’s society, the public have high regards to artists, which includes the musicians particularly the songwriters. In most cases, behind every successful recording artists or singers are brilliant songwriters who remain unknown despite their songs’ popularity.

But let’s not focus on that aspect of being a songwriter. Instead, let’s focus on the reasons why one should consider being a songwriter as a lifetime career. These reasons might inspire aspiring songwriters to pursue their dreams on becoming a good composer and make a difference in their chosen field.

Tell your story

Songwriting is all about storytelling. If you have a good story to tell, then you have a good song to sing. Telling your story to the whole world is a common way of songwriting but at the same time, it is one of the most effective ways of brining your message or story across your listeners.

What makes a good story

A good story is one that inspires, moves, and touches people. To become an effective songwriter, you should know how to make an impact on the affective sides of your listeners. You can do this by knowing what inspires people, what makes them feel happy, or perhaps what interests them.

By knowing these simple but vital information, learning how to make a song will be easier for you. You need to be very sensitive about the feelings of other people and learn how to become emphatic. Learning how to write a song is easy the harder part is what to write. With these information, you can organize your ideas and produce it into a song.

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How to Write Lyrics: Things Every Aspiring Songwriter Should Know

How to Write Lyrics: Things Every Aspiring Songwriter Should Know

Knowing how to write lyrics is a basic skill for every songwriter. Since the lyrics are the bread and butter of a song, a great emphasis is given by songwriters in the lyrics aspect of the song. For a beginning songwriter, learning to write the lyrics is a very important aspect to master before anything else.

If you want to become a very successful song writer, you need to learn how to write quality songs and the only way you can write a quality song is by writing quality lyrics. Without good lyrics, even if you have the best melody in the world, your song is considered as a trash and people don’t like trashy songs.

Qualities of good lyrics

Since time immemorial, people sing to express their feelings, religious beliefs, aspirations, and anything that makes them feel like singing. Today, songs pretty much work just like that. The only difference is that there seems to be a standardized way of making a song today than it had in the past.

One of the most important quality of a good song is it tells a story. Not just a crappy and boring story. The story that your song should tell must be relatable. Meaning, even an ordinary person can relate to the message of your song. Without this quality, it will be harder to make people love or to the very least, like your song and even if they do, it won’t last that long.

Be honest

Another important attribute of a good songwriter is its honesty. If you want to succeed in any aspect of your life, you really need to be honest so your craft with all honestly. Learning how to write lyrics will come to you after coaching and mentoring. But honesty is natural to you. If you’re not being honest in making your songs, it will show on your lyrics and people will notice that.

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Learn How To Write A Good Song

Learn How To Write A Good Song

Learning to write any song and learning how to write a good song are two different stories. Virtually anyone, even those without formal training in music, can write a song. Writing a song per se is just a matter of putting together the lyrics and then add music to it.

The way how media portray songwriter as a glamorous career, more and more people are becoming interested in becoming one. But the main problem for people who are wanting to enter this career is the fact that they do it even without knowing the things they need to know before jumping into this endeavor. It is like jumping into a pond where you don’t know how deep it is and what awaits you in that pond.

This reckless move by most people would often result in failures and frustrations, which in fact, can be avoided had they made all the necessary preparations beforehand. It is empirical to know the things that await the person before venturing into a new endeavor, including becoming a songwriter.

Learn the basics

If you want to succeed as a songwriter, you should not settle in just knowing how to compose songs but you should strive to learn how to write a good song that will inspire other people. Although as a starting musician, you should first focus on creating a good song that will help you launch your career.

Without a good song that will help you start out, all your efforts will be put in vain. Since people love to remember the song first, before they can remember the person behind that song, you need to make a song that will leave a mark to people’s heart.

You can do this by writing a song that tells a story that a large group of people can relate to. If they can relate to the story that the song portrays or tells, they will love your song. And if they love your song, they will love virtually every song that you will write in the future.

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How To Become A Songwriter

How To Become A Songwriter

Over the past decades, people have become more and more interested about songwriting and everything in between. In fact, many music schools across the world are offering courses solely about how to become a songwriter. Since being a songwriter is more than knowing how to write lyrics and put melody to it, the need for professionalized education on becoming a songwriter is increasing.

Probably one of the most important aspects that people should take note before deciding to become whatever they want is their personal readiness and inclination to achieve that goal. Being a songwriter requires a lot of effort and creativity in order to produce high-quality songs.

People sing for several reasons. Songs can tell a story of happiness, sadness, sorrow, and tribulations. In this premise, if you’re intending to become a songwriter, you need to ask yourself what is it that motivates you in writing songs?

The best songwriters in the history have good inspirations that motivated them to create masterpieces that have left a mark in the human history. If you need to belong to those songwriters that history can’t forget, you need to have a good motivation that will inspire you in writing good songs that people can relate to.

What’s your story

Another important quality of a successful songwriter is his skills to tell stories through his songs. Every person has a unique story that other people can relate to or love to hear about and putting it in a song is probably the best way to express and share your stories to the world.

But the next question is how will you be able to organize that story and make it as a song so people will be interested in listening to that song that tells your story. You know, learning how to become a songwriter is not all about writing lyrics and putting melodies to it, it’s about telling a story to the world.

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